The Twitter Movie. . . Well, Sort Of. . . .

This ongoing journey to evaluate culture through eyes of integrity and faith sure does take some interesting twists and turns. When people exercise their fallen creativity new thingss pop up every day. . some that make you laugh and some that make you cry. Recently I’ve been focusing in on all things digital and technological, wondering out loud how those things effect us and our kids. I’ve been reminded of Marshall McCluhan’s prophetic words. . . “the media is the message” . . . and his brilliant analysis of how media work us over completely. . . a reality we usually don’t spot until we’re totally sold out to the stuff that’s working us over completely. So I love it when there’s cynicism, sarcasm, and satire that takes on this stuff we’re so willing to casually ignore and overlook.

Which leads me to this. . . . something I discovered on the Internet as I was working through the all-too-obvious and not-so-obvious ways that Twitter works us over completely while indulging our tendency for idolizing ourselves and inviting others to join us in worship. Make sense?

Give this little trailer a look and then see if you get it. Then, consider how Twitter may have also “gotten” you.

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