Has Anybody Out There Seen This? . . . .

Every once in a while the music world drops a short video that not only catches our attention by telling the ugly truth, but makes us stop in our tracks. One of my friends emailed me with a heads-up about this one just a little while ago. I’m usually on top of stuff like this but this one slipped under the radar for some reason. . . until this afternoon.

Truth is oftentimes ugly. That’s the way it is in the Scriptures. That’s the way it is in life. That’s the way it is in this video. I was already feeling a little bit beat up after reading Brennan Manning’s memoir, “All Is Grace,” over the last couple of days. Now this. We must pray for grace to break through.

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  1. A rough day for me too. Just finished talking with students about a 17 yr old boy who wrapped himself up in a blanket, laid down in the highway and was killed by a semi running over him.
    Dang – thanks for posting this. I have heard the song but not the video. Once again – the cry for acceptance and love grows stronger!!
    No matter HOW HARD THIS LIFE GETS we have got to keep pressing into our Heavenly Fathers heart and heard these silent cries.
    Thanks again Walt!!

    Glad the tomb was empty,

    It’s not just the church but parents as well. We have to come together to help reach out to a hurting generation

  2. Wow Walt– Thanks for sharing man. A video that I think sheds some hidden truth about our kids: not Truthful in and of itself but it defintely reveals the heart ache and break of so many helpless and hurting students.

  3. Walt,
    I watched this and it really struck close to home. We recently had a young man in our youth group attempt suicide and survive, and 1 week later, another young man successfully took his own life. They were a study in contrasts: the young man in our youth group comes from a model family, and seemingly had the perfect life. The other came from a family of multiple divorces, and was struggling to find his own identity. We have so many young people who are looking for anybody to care, and it seems they are being failed at every turn. With all of the chaos occurring in the world today, it is no wonder that today’s teenagers are asking the question posed in this video. We need to ask God to give us the strength to answer this question with a resounding yes. We need to not be afraid to show the world love and that there is hope. We need this video, to open our eyes and our hearts. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I wonder about Brian’s comment above. I preface this by saying I understand why he said what he said and that we certainly understand the pain in this world today has caused our youth to suffer, and I am not minimizing a child’s suicide attempt – this in a bigger picture comment. Here it is. A youth from a “seemingly model family” doesn’t really jive with “we have so many young people who are looking for anybody to care and it seems they are being failed at every turn”. Failed at every turn? Is that really true? Are we seeing the effects of sin as more severe for this generation of youth or are we simply more aware of those effects and want to cushion them from them? Or is that the child’s perception because they are not being ‘loved perfectly’ (having all their desires met by someone – which is not real love). Our youth are probably the most selfish, self-centered youth in the history of our country. And while sin against them may be great, I don’t think there’s anything “new under the sun.” Many of the sins suffered by our youth were secret sins in the past. Now we have more psychological and spiritual understanding of how sin impacts how children view themselves and how they relate to others.

    But God hasn’t changed. The One who gives us value, who let’s us know how important we are, is still there, still willing to have relationship with our kids. I think we understand this better than ever as well. I’m just not sure we’re teaching our kids how sinful the world is – including them – and that God has the answer to it. That their dignity and worth comes from God alone. I’m afraid that my kids, and the kids in my church, understand culture’s worldview much better than God’s. I want my kids and those in my church to love the Lord and understand Who He is. To know that they can receive His love and love others even though they haven’t been loved perfectly. I worry we play into culture’s hand of labeling all kids who have suffered sin against them “victims”.

  5. I appreciate all you do Walt. Thanks for posting. I agree with the posts about how this video stops us to hopefully hear the cry of our students. I had two further thoughts. (1) let’s not forget the father in the video who is clearly crying out as well…he was getting the drugs as well! Our parents need to be shepherded as well – to know and believe the hope of the Gospel! (2) this song/video reminded me of the article/letter you wrote to Oprah some time ago regarding Janet Jackson. Here Nelly Furtado is singing passionately about the broken hearts of teens while not too long ago she was making millions singing “Promiscuous” with Timbaland (sp?). I am glad they sang this song, hope it helps, but it is also just another part of the crazy mixed messages our ‘wise voices’ are shouting at students (and adults) today. Would God be so gracious and merciful for ears to hear the freedom and peace of the Gospel of Jesus – maybe even millions could come to faith this weekend as we celebrate Easter.

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