Age, Arthritis, and Making a Difference. . .

I’ve come to the conclusion that if we aren’t thinking theologically, we’re missing out on some valuable lessons, some much-needed perspective, and a deep sense of relief. Some people say that our calling is to view all of life through the lens of a biblical world and life view. I agree. Today, on the anniversary of the day God chose before all eternity for me to be born (July 30, 1956) and the anniversary of the day I went over my handlebars and was changed in so many ways (July 30, 2010), I’m searching for perspective.

Twenty-six years ago today my dad said something to me that has stuck with me ever since: “I can’t believe I have a 30-year-old son!” Today, he’s saying the same sentence with the 30. It’s now 56. With those words, my dad made me aware of the fact that life does not go on forever. Time marches on. We get sick. We get hurt. We age. Eventually, we die. I needed to hear those word then. In my mind, I was still ageless, invulnerable, and seemingly without a care in the world. I’m now two-years older than my dad was when he said those words. . . and time has flown.
Once more, I was reminded of this when I picked up the paper today to read an article on “Keeping old parts working.” Twenty-six years ago I would have turned past that article without giving it a thought. Today, the arthritis in my joints (due, I’m told, to the wear and tear of enjoying a lifetime of work and play and shared by anyone over the age of 50!) made me pause, hoping to find some helpful pointers that might remedy some of the wear and tear I feel in my body. 
Hey. . . overall I feel great! But as I ponder another anniversary in light of the biblical story, I know that the sin of humankind (all of us) has resulted in aches, pains, aging, and physical death. But I also know that through Christ I have hope. . . hope in this life as I’m carried through aches, pains, aging, and physical death. . . and hope for that day when all things (yes, even me) are made new. What a relief! Until then, I’m a part of a living church that is called to live out the redeeming love of Christ through our redemptive presence in this broken world.
On this day of being reminded of where I am, why I am here, and where I am going, I want to invite you all to celebrate God’s redeeming presence in your life by reaching out and exercising redemptive presence in the life of one needy person who shares my birthday today. I would like to invite you to make a difference in the life of one child through Compassion child sponsorship. To learn more about sponsoring a child who’s birthday is today, simply click on the Compassion banner below. 

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