I’m sitting in Washington Dulles Airport waiting for a flight. Should have been home last night. I’m aware of the fact that I’m not where I’m supposed to be. I want to be home right now and I should have already been there.

The music being piped over the speakers is the sentimental and familiar stuff that we hear every year at this time. . . old songs and new songs. Yes, they “warm” me up a bit with happy sentimental memories, but few serve to help me focus on the Gospel-hope of Christmas.

Last night, while I was stuck in the Toronto Airport and wanting to be home, my friend Gary Parrett posted an advent hymn he wrote several years ago. It’s not sentimental. It’s true. It’s not memory-centered. It looks ahead. It’s about the answer to the longing for our true, heavenly home that gnaws at us endlessly. It’s about where we’re supposed to be. Gary wrote this after hearing his pastor, Eugene Kim, preach an Advent sermon on Isaiah 25:6-9.

Thanks Gary! This is beautiful. . .

Upon This Mount

Upon this mount, the LORD of hosts
will spread a wondrous feast,

and welcome all to join Him there—
the greatest and the least.

A feast of treasures He prepares:
the finest food and wine.

And we, with hungry souls, await
that Day when we shall dine.

On this same mount, the LORD of hosts
the dark veil will devour

that keeps the world in mourning bound
until this very hour.

At last, our dreaded foe shall fall:
God’s life shall swallow death!

And we, now fainting from the fight,
will praise God with new breath.

The Sovereign LORD will wipe away
all tears from ev’ry face,

and from his people will remove
all remnants of disgrace.

The LORD has spoken; it is done!
So say we all, “Amen.”

God’s word must surely be fulfilled
the Day he comes again.

In that Day, they will say of Him:
“This is our God indeed.

We trusted Him. He saved us all
in our great time of need.

This is the LORD; we trusted Him.
Hear how his praise resounds!

In His salvation we are glad.
Our joy shall know no bounds.”

Setting: Gary A. Parrett (2005) Tune: KINGSFOLD

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