How We Use Apps. . . An Informative Infographic. . .

As I once again head off to spend a weekend speaking about how we and our kids use technology and the implications of faith in regards to our technology use, I stumbled on this eye-opening and fairly thorough overview about apps, social media, screen time, and more. It’s like taking a jump out of the fish bowl to get a clear look at what we’re choosing to swim in, which is a helpful exercise to engage in regularly.

As you scroll through the infographic, ask yourself some questions. . .

  • Is this an accurate reflection of me and my use of social media/screens/apps? Should I be concerned?
  • Is this an accurate reflection of the kids I know and love and their use of social media/screens/apps? Should I be concerned?
  • Have I/we allowed technology to move from being a good thing that I control, to an idol that controls me?
  • What are the implications of all this on how our culture has shifted in terms of time, priorities, and relationships? Are there any adjustments needed in my own life?
  • Am I stewarding my time in ways that bring honor and glory to God?
  • How can I live counter-culturally in my use of technology?

For more on social media and technology, visit our CPYU Digital Kids Initiative.

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