Teen Hearing Loss. . . A Helpful Infographic. . .

A few weeks ago I raised a growing concern about our children and teens regarding the dangers of hearing loss. I actually contemplated whether youth ministry is at times complicit in undermining the health of our kids when we pump up the volume at our events and gatherings. I sounded (no pun intended) like an old guy, I know. But the ringing in my own ears serves as a constant reminder of the fact that I spent many of my younger years blasting sound into my young ears. . . something that’s left me wondering about lessons we might learn from our own youth that could enable us to take steps now to encourage the aural flourishing of our kids’ God-given ears. Maybe. . . just maybe. . . we need to be careful about engaging in aural assaults!

This morning I stumbled on this helpful infographic about teens, hearing, and the dangers ahead. Give it a look. Let what you learn guide your hand on the volume knobs and sliders. Pass the infographic on to parents. And by all means, talk about it with the kids you know and love.

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