The Sex-Positive Movement. . . Are You Familiar? . . .

Today I want to point you to a couple of free resources that look at what is known as the sex-positive movement.  Over the course of this movement’s  relatively young and loosely-organized life it has succeeded to bring about a change in how individuals think about and practice sex and gender. If you’re a youth worker or parent who cares about kids, you need to be aware of the Sex Positive Movement, its basic ideals, the role it is playing in our kids lives, and most important. . . how to answer from a practical and biblical perspective.

First, here’s a link to a free downloadable CPYU Trend Alert. . . The Sex-Positive Movement”. . . that you can pass around as you wish.

Second, here’s today’s 1-minute Youth Culture Today podcast on the Sex-Positive Movement. . .

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