Prayers For These Times. . .

Sometimes it all gets so overwhelming. We watch the news and we see that the world is horribly broken. The time we spend on social media reveals to us the reality that all creation is groaning. . . including God’s divine-image bearers. Social media has become a playground where we go to fight. In recent days, the discord we see brewing and escalating online, even between God’s people, is grievous. People draw conclusions and speak out on things without a knowledge of the facts. We accuse and cancel before even listening. We allow algorithms rather than God’s Word to inform our beliefs and the resulting behaviors.

Today, I’m inviting you to pray regarding these matters. I have found it helpful to write out my prayers from time to time. God hears. God answers. What follows are two prayers I’ve written over the last couple of years. . . one printed below, and one that takes only a minute to listen to on today’s Youth Culture Today podcast (embedded below).

May the Lord bless you as you seek to follow and serve Him. . .

“Lord, we ask for discerning eyes to be able to see what it is that’s really happening, eternal perspective that places what’s happening in the context of your eternal story, compassionate hearts which reflect your heart for the oppressed, wisdom to know what to think/say/do, and prudence to speak in the proper time only those truthful words which glorify you and build others up.”

One thought on “Prayers For These Times. . .

  1. Walt! These prayers touched my heart to tears. Tuesday I received a call from my cousin, thousands of miles away, drunk and wanting to commit suicide. My cousin ask me, if I kill myself do I go to Heaven or hell? I told I do not know. Told her how much she means to me. After she hung up, cuz her Mom was calling her. I learned there is a suicide hotline to call 211.
    I called it and talked to a precious counselor and she told me the best thing you can say is: Are you thinking of suicide? Yes or No. Be direct. Than go on explaining how important they are to you and many other people.
    Next morning I called my cousin back. I asked her the question, and she said no, I would not do that to my mom. Moving forward now her mom, also thousands of miles away is getting her lined up for help thru a therapy called DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) they use no drugs.
    I educated myself on it. Found it interesting. If you had not researched it out I encourage you/your staff to check it out. Real.
    Thank you again for your very timely message. God knew Amen!

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