Is Olivia Rodrigo’s Influence “good 4 u”? . . .

I don’t think I can remember anything like this in the world of popular music. Olivia Rodrigo, an 18-year-old actress, singer, and songwriter pre-released her first single off her debut album back in January. . . just a little over five months ago. Her debut album, Sour, was released just a little over a month ago.  Now, this week, Rodrigo has 10. . . count them. . . 10! . . . singles sitting on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. She owns ten percent of this week’s chart!

We need to be paying attention to Olivia Rodrigo, her music, and the scope of her influence. As we always say here at CPYU, culture is both a mirror and a map. As a mirror, Rodrigo’s musical message reflects back to those of us who desire to lead kids into the biblical narrative a clear view of what the cultural narrative is teaching them about beliefs and behaviors. As a map, Rodigro’s music is shaping the worldview of our kids. . . again, telling them what to believe and how to behave. When this dual power of Rodrigo’s music is properly understood, we are then able to step in to teach our kids the skills of biblical discernment. . . enabling them to celebrate any truth that is found, and to correct any misguided advice or faulty teaching.

This week, Rodrigo’s single, “good 4 u”, sits at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Kids are listening. Kids are watching. And, kids are learning. The post-breakup song is resonating with kids in today’s world.  That’s why the official video for “good 4 u” (embedded below) is approaching 150 million views on YouTube. And that’s why you need to be familiar with Rodrigo, the song, and her influence.

This week, we’ve released a 3(D) review of “good 4 u” to guide you into further understanding and to help you generate a response. The free download can be used with students as well alongside our How To Use Your Head To Guard Your Heart 3(D) Guide To Making Wise Media Choices. . . which is one of our most popular student ministry resources, designed to teach the skill of thinking critically and Christianly about music and media. (You can click here to learn more and to order copies at a special discount!).

To access the free pdf download of our 3(D) review of Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u”, click here.


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