Let’s Talk About Billie Eilish and her “Song Of The Year”. . .

At last month’s MTV Video Music Awards, Billie Eilish added another trophy to her collection by winning the Moon Man for the “Song Of The Year” with “Happier Than Ever.” She’s one of those artists and this is one of those songs worth paying attention to, as she takes listeners through the heartbreak, anger, and resolution of a romantic break-up. . . which certainly means this will resonate with our kids. But is the approach she’s modeling healthy?

We think that “Happier Than Ever” could spark some discussion with your kids on a variety of themes that are addressed in the song, but also addressed redemptively in Scripture. With that in mind, we’ve put together a free downloadable 3(D) review. . . something that we’re known for here at CPYU. Check it out and let us know how you’ve used it to launch discussion about relationships, romance, break-ups, and a whole lot more. You can download it here.

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