We’re pretty excited about the launch of a new FREE resource we’ve put together to help parents and youth workers become aware of, understand, and respond to cultural realities our kids face, navigate, and even embrace in today’s world. It’s a resource called the CPYU Parent Prompt, and we intend to release a new CPYU Parent Prompt regularly. It’s designed to spark biblically-centered conversations with kids about the issues they face in today’s youth culture.

How does the CPYU Parent Prompt work? Each week we will take a trend and unpack/summarize it through the three-fold paradigm I teach in my little book, A Student’s Guide To Navigating Culture. We begin with a look at what the World is promoting/saying through the trend. Parents and youth workers will get a short overview of the trend. Then, we look at what God’s Word has to say about the particular trend. Finally, we move into a final Walk section where parents and youth workers get a variety of discussion prompts/teaching points to spark discussion with kids that yields opportunities to nurture them into living faithful lives to God’s glory.

Where can you find, download, and read our new CPYU Parent Prompts? You can find them here on our new and updated CPYU website. We encourage you to sign-up for our weekly emails so that you will know when a new CPYU Parent Prompt is released. Youthworkers. . . we encourage you to make your parents aware of this new resource, and pass them on as a away to resource them for more effective parenting with their children and teens.

The latest CPYU Parent Prompt is is on the new technology known as ChatGPT. This particular CPYU Parent Prompt was written by Brett Wirebaugh, one of our twelve CPYU Research Fellows. This boots-on-the-ground group of youth workers is working hard with us to resource you with these new CPYU Parent Prompts.

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