Here at CPYU, we’ve launched a family tabletalk initiative designed to provide your family with tools to help you dig deeper into and apply God’s Word. We’ve recruited a team of gifted thinkers and writers to create several weeks worth of “Family TableTalk” daily devotional guides. The guides give you a Scripture passage to read together at the dinner table, some commentary on the passage to spark your thinking, some questions to help you apply and discuss what you’ve read, and a short prayer to pray together. These “Family TableTalk” devotional guides are all free.

New conversations will be added, in both English and Korean, as they become available. Check back frequently.

Conversation 28세계적 유행병의 즐거움 Pandemic Joy
Conversation 27비추어라! Light It Up!
Conversation 26너의 명철? 아니면 하나님의 명철? My Understanding? Or God’s Understanding?
Conversation 25완벽한 성취 The Great Performance
Conversation 24당신은 혼자가 아닙니다 You Are Not Alone
Conversation 23소망의 회전 The Cycle of Hope
Conversation 22잃어버린 수많은 백성들과 마주치는 예수님 Jesus Encounters A Bunch of Lost People
Conversation 21내 영혼아 네 평안함으로 돌아갈지어다 Returning Your Soul to Rest
Conversation 20영원한 마음가짐 Eternal Mindfulness
Conversation 19평범한 그릇, 사명받은 고난, 특별한 보배 Ordinary Vessels, Ordained Suffering, and Extraordinary Treasure
Conversation 18외국인과 나그네같은 삶: 이상하게 아니면 경건하게? Living as an Alien and a Stranger: Weird or Godly?
Conversation 17새, 머리털, 하나님의 돌보심 Birds, Hair, and God’s Care
Conversation 16기다려야 하는 계절 A Season of Waiting
Conversation 15어두움을 두려워 하지 말라 Don’t Be Scared of the Dark!
Conversation 14조절과 상식 Adjustments and Common Sense
Conversation 13광풍의 주인 The Master of the Storm
Conversation 12고통가운데 임하신 하나님 God’s Presence in Our Pain
Conversation 11기쁨: 아름다운 리마인더 Joy: A Beautiful Reminder
Conversation 10그리스도인들은 무엇을 해야 할까?왜 은혜는 좋은 소식인가 What Should Christians Do?
Conversation 9왜 은혜는 좋은 소식인가 Why Grace is Good News
Conversation 8의심 있는 자들을 위한 은혜 Grace for Doubters
Conversation 7가야 할 섬 An Island of “Get-to”
Conversation 6그리스도의 피로 가까워 졌느니라 Brought Near by the Blood of Christ
Conversation 5보이지 않는 것에 소망을 두자 The Hope of Things Unseen
Conversation 4우리는 하나님의 선하심을 어디서 찾을 수 있을까? Where Can we Find the Goodness of God?
Conversation 3모든 염려를 주께 맡기라 Handing Anxieties to the Lord
Conversation 2낯선 시간에 찾아온 나그네 Strangers in Strange Times
Conversation 1하나님께서 다스리고 계십니까? Is God in Control?